What People Are Saying


"Moving is a pain!  It's not that I don't want to move... The fact is that I just don't have the time to do what is necessary to move my family from one home to the next.  Thankfully, Jori has been able to provide some much needed assistance to help lessen the burden.  She actually has been great!  We currently live in a house that needed some updating in order to be more appealing to potential buyers.  Oh, and we needed to do this updating as cost effectively as possible due to the fact that we bought a new house before selling our current one.  Not ideal, but we really wanted that house!!  Jori had very good ideas to make our home look as good as it can within the budget that we gave her.  We had walls painted, cabinets painted, tiled a fireplace, added a mantel, added new light fixtures.  Jori staged a bunch of areas with furniture she provided and overall, just gave the inside of the house a fresh makeover!  Everything really makes the house look updated and inviting.  Jori did a great job with everything and the best part is that she and her trustworthy contractors got all of the work done during the day while my wife and I were at work!"


"We needed some help.  Our house had some issues with function and appeal in certain areas.  Jori & Michele were ready to lend a hand!  They staged our home to maximize function, give life to akward spaces and bring warmth throughout the house.  These ladies were so easy to work with.  Their tasteful touches coupled with knowledge of design and decor really made our house more inviting for potential buyers.  I would absolutely use Simply Home again and recommend them to a friend!"