Faris Project

Still newlyweds and pregnant with our first child, we were excited to buy our first house downtown!  July 2005 with a three month old in tow we bought a house in the Augusta Rd area from a family who (ironically) raised their five children there.  We made the impulsive decision to buy a house with 5 bedrooms (that we didn't need) on a somewhat busy road!  I blame that on my post partum hormones. We did get a good deal though, and I was excited to fix it up to make it our own.  The inside was pretty dated (sadly I don't have a lot of these before pics) and the exterior needed some love.  Adding flower boxes (while pregnant with baby #3) to the front made a huge difference!  We also fenced in the back yard, added a playset and installed an automatic gate for privacy and safety.

Hudson Ryan 025.JPG
april 2017 015.PNG

Over the next five years, we worked our way through the house making cosmetic changes and updates.  I hadn't quite landed on my design style but was learning and evolving with each project.

The house actually had a 6th bedroom that the previous owners had used for a family room/den.  This space was tiny and not very functional, but was where we ended up spending most of our time.  We didn't love hanging out in the formal living room because it was located towards the front of the house closest to the road.  The backyard space was more than we needed, so an addition was planned for the back of the house; a solution to our problem!  We bumped out the 6th bedroom to make a large den, added a screened porch and a larger deck area.  This created great space for entertaining family and friends.  Robert Dopplehouer with DW construction helped us with this project.  It turned out great!

Over the years we had added 3 more children to our family and grew tired of the busy road.  We also wanted to live closer to downtown.  Our friend and realtor, Rex Carter helped us to secure our next project on E Park Ave downtown Greenville.  It was bank owned and needed a lot of work, but seemed perfect for our family!  

After moving to E Park, we rented our Faris house for 3 years.  When the housing market got better, we hired Jacob Mann to be our realtor and the house sold to an amazing family from Georgia (their daughter became our new favorite babysitter!!)