April showers bring May flowers

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Greenville got A LOT of rain this spring.  If it wasn't raining, it was overcast and cold.  Downright depressing if you ask me (especially if you are living in a basement apartment!)  The grading company said we needed three consecutive days of dry weather before attempting to spread dirt and eventually plant grass seed.  This did not happen, SO we crossed our fingers for a drier May and continued to focus on the inside of the home.

Carpenters worked for weeks adding new baseboards, crown moulding and trim.  Corbels, doors, and other areas of the home that were beyond repair were replaced with custom wood pieces; based on the original design and historically accurate architectural elements.  Once painted, in theory, we should not be able to tell the difference between what is original and what has been replicated.

The roof was rotten and in need of replacement.  The roofers came out to start their work... unfortunately it was not before a leak dripped through to the freshly primed walls of the family room (eek!)

Christian continued with the tile work.  The showers are finished.  We've discussed niche placement, grout colors and all things tile related!  Of course, none of the bathroom walls are even (perfection is boring- right!?) so Christian spent a lot of time prepping the spaces; adding mud and then a waterproofing layer to further protect from water damage.  An interesting story about the single stall shower (which is in my son's bathroom)... it actually used to be a chimney chase which spanned both floors.  We knew that the extra space would be valuable to us (Hudson only had a tub at this point) even though it would add time and money to the project; so long story short- we decided to open it up, remove the non-functioning chimney and create a shower upstairs and a coat closet in the downstairs portion.   We are happy with how it turned out, but not so excited to find out that the demo guys threw away all of the original bricks (yikes- no comment)

One good thing about all of the rain is that the flowers were in full bloom at the house.  My trip down the driveway brought a smile to my face each day.  We took advantage of the foliage with family pictures and even had our first birthday celebration at the home.  I use the term "celebration" loosely, in that we did sing and have a candle but that was about it!!  

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The back porch's dated railings were replaced with wooden columns to update the overall look.  Our plan to is to have screens put in so that we can spend most of the year entertaining and enjoying that extra outdoor space.

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Chris Arnold with Southern Doors & Closets, LLC came out to measure for closet systems in the bedrooms to find ways to keep this family of seven organized and clutter-free (not possible, but a girl can dream!)

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Cabinets are in the process of getting installed- yippee!  This makes the project feel more like a home to me.  I can visualize cooking in the kitchen and the living room builtin with a library ladder is also becoming a reality.  We went with shaker style doors, which I love because they are simple and classic and work well with the overall design of the home.  Once counter tops are installed, this kitchen will really come to life! I've attached a picture of the kitchen before (a little scary!) just to remind myself of how far we've come.

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The painters have started to prep the interior walls.  Once the primer has been applied, the drywall specialist will come back to determine if there are any areas that need touch up.  After that- final paint colors will be applied (no pressure for me of course- I just need to finalize paint choices asap!?)

You may have already guessed, but the project is not going to be done by the end of May as planned.  As disappointing as that is, we decided to face reality and move to a new (bigger) rental.  We may be here through the summer, and the UHaul people know us by name... but the yard and sweet neighbors make it worth the extra move!!

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Until next time... 

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Jori Magg