Move #1 and Plan B

It finally feels like spring (hooray!) but for me, winter felt very long...

winter 2018 122.JPG

January and February were filled with cold days and lots of snow!  The weather (if it wasn't freezing, it was raining) delayed sub contractors and the "yard" was still just a pile of dirt.  An optimist at heart, it pained me to accept reality, but we desperately needed a plan B! 

A little background- for the past year we have been renting our current house back from the new owners.  It was so convenient; we didn't have to move and it is just one block from the Beattie house!    Although this was a perfect solution for a year, now we were at the point financially that we wanted all (or most) of our money going towards the new project rather than monthly rent. 

I started looking for options in the downtown area that would save us money and were located close to school/work (I don't ask for much!)  However, I quickly realized that this was going to be a challenge.  In addition, we really only needed 3-6 months and most landlords wanted a commitment of six months or more.  I sent some emails and posted on social media that we were looking for a rental.  Some church friends heard of our dilemma.  They lived in North Main and had just finished a basement apartment project at their home.  I set up a time to go see the space, trying not to get my hopes up too much!  The price was right, and came furnished, but could our family of seven really live in a two bedroom one bathroom apartment for three months??

The apartment had a lot of perks- a parking spot for both of our cars, a separate entrance to the space, lots of windows with light coming in (dark basements are depressing!) and a large living area.  The kitchenette was limited (no oven, or dishwasher) but had a microwave, refrigerator and by the way- who has time to cook with five kids anyway, right?!  The neighborhood is dreamy (super quiet, lots of pretty trees) where children are able to ride bikes on the street. We are forever grateful that these friends were open to having seven extra people living in their house for three months!!

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Last but definitely not least, our landlords have an 8 year old daughter who is friends with my girls.  She will be our "bonus sister" for the spring.  The boys are definitely outnumbered!

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Now that Plan B was in place, I needed to pack up our house and find a place to store furniture.  A friend offered to let me lease a warehouse space for our stuff (we only brought clothes and basic necessities with us).  It was huge (almost 2000 square feet!) and close to our rental house... the stars were all aligning!! 

Meanwhile, things were pretty quiet over at the Beattie house during this time.  Weeks went by with nothing being done.  It was too cold for the plaster to dry and then we had some setbacks with getting the heat turned on and other administrative type issues.  Looking back it was probably a good thing, because all of my focus was on packing and getting us moved out in one piece!

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February 28th was moving day!  Somehow everything got moved out, cleaned, and transferred to its appropriate next location.  I may or may not have blocked out this whole experience (ha!) because it was so stressful.  Seven people spent eight years in this house- yikes we had a lot of stuff!!  Completely exhausted but still a little sentimental about leaving our home, I decided to do something special to remember all of the good times we had there.  Also, the new owners are an amazing family that will be our neighbors soon;  we wanted to give them a warm welcome to the space at the same time.

iphone early spring 1156.JPG
iphone early spring 1163.JPG

Lastly, I asked a talented Greenville friend, Katie Mize with Sarahs House Studio, to paint a watercolor image of our E Park home.  She did such an amazing job and that was the final step to having the closure we needed.  Next up- (hopefully) the Beattie House in June!

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Jori Magg