Spring at the Beattie House

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Between our all encompassing move into our new North Main digs and the the lack of forward progress at the Beattie House, I had stopped my daily trips to check on progress.  Avoidance is a healthy coping tool, right?!  Instead I focused my energy on downsizing the amount of "necessities" that we had brought to the rental and on getting settled into our new cozy quarters.  I was also busy with real estate clients so the renovation project was taking a back seat.  Finally, late last week I decided it was time to see what had been going on over at 8 Bennett.  The weather was warm I was feeling hopeful.  I pulled up to see a driveway full of cars- this could only mean one thing, work was getting done (woo hoo!)

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The plaster guys finished the walls;  which is what we had been waiting for!!

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A carpenter was there repairing and replacing baseboards and crown moulding

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Christian, our tile guy, was busy trying his best to prep the 1834 sloped (read- dripping with character) floors for tile in the bathrooms, mudroom and laundry room.  

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The painters were there too... this, in my mind, is both good and bad.  I actually think they may camp out for the next 3 months.  They have to scrape, torch, glaze what is there and add new paint to  (hopefully) obtain the overall look that we are going for; an old house that doesn't look old (easier said than done!)  Not only do they have lead paint hazards to deal with, but as they started to prep the exterior for paint,  we quickly realized that a lot of the wood was rotten from years of water damage.  

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The demo guys came back to finish pulling up the carpet, exposing beautiful hardwoods underneath

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I had the windows measured for bamboo shades (wishful thinking?) and started to envision our family living here.

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Underneath the carpets was a hodgepodge of hardwood.  I'm planning to keep it as is (just refinishing with stain); I think it gives the house character.

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Next up counter tops and cabinets... let the countdown begin!!

Jori Magg