So, the Beattie House. She was built in 1834 and has moved locations twice!  It goes without saying that it needs a lot of work. However, this porch just needs a few rocking chairs and I'll be happy!  Now, for some of the bigger problems. . .let's begin with the electrical.

All of the electrical needs to be redone and we need all new systems. 

We'll need all new roofing and extensive fascia/soffit repair or replacement.

...and most of the plaster walls need repair (are you starting to see a theme here?!)

There is a stage that needs to go (although the children are begging to keep it!)

We thought it would be more functional and aesthetically pleasing to convert this 600 sq foot sunroom into a screen porch.  

The entire interior is a mix of mint green paint and wallpaper.  Add the mint carpeting throughout and I'm feeling a little green! 

Luckily (for us!) there are hardwoods underneath the carpet. We plan to pull up the carpet and refinish the hardwoods.

This alone will make a HUGE difference! 

There's a beautiful staircase in the middle of the home.  Right now it's carpeted, with a mix of stain and white paint.  I'd like to strip the paint, remove the carpet and stain the entire area to match the floors.  Simplifying the scheme will help to highlight the beautiful detailing on the stairway.  

The unique details of this house are never ending. There are large beautiful doors off the entryway (with the coolest hinges!) to both sides. We will keep these, repair hinges and instead of paint, they will be stained to give a layered look to the home (without coming across as two-toned).  

The wallpaper throughout will be stripped and the whole house will be painted a neutral color.  Right now I'm leaning towards Sherwin Williams crushed ice or eider white for the walls and snowbound (Sherwin Williams) or White Diamond (Benjamin Moore) for the cabinets and trim.  However, I reserve the right to change my mind!  People that know me well would tell you that I do that a lot!  Simplifying and using light neutral colors will (in my opinion) draw the eye to the beautiful architecture and historic accents in the home.

The kitchen is downright scary and all of the bathrooms need to be gutted.  The existing office area will become the new powder room and the double stall commercial bathroom will become part of the "utility" room (mudroom, pantry, kids art and homework area).  There is an antique tub in one of the upstairs bathrooms that we want to keep (still trying to figure out a shower curtain contraption for that one) and we'll add a jack-n-jill bathroom on the second floor as well.  

Bathrooms are very important to us - we will have four teenage girls one day!!!  

The current laundry room needs a makeover as well.  I do like that is off the kitchen (I can cook and do laundry at the same time - in theory!) by the back door so the kids can throw their muddy clothes into the laundry room before tracking the dirt throughout the house!

The entire exterior of the house will get new paint (we are keeping it white!) and wood repair.  

A carport will be added for additional storage and parking. Graham Kimak (our landscaper) came up with an inspiration sketch. This design may change slightly, but I really like the overall look!  Click here to see it.  

Right now we are waiting for final approval from the city to start work. Crossing fingers that we can start by the end of this month!

It's May after all (moms you know what I'm talking about!), why not add something else to the schedule?